Sri Lanka







Sri Lanka offers the ideal destination with something to satisfy every traveler:- wildlife with the greatest concentrations of leopards and elephant in the world, whale watching and bird watching, gorgeous beaches, ancient civilizations with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ever-changing scenery and good weather, uniquely hospitable people,  an amazing mixture of cultures and religions, tea plantations, local festivals, fabulous food.


Galle Fort


Galle Fort, in the Bay of Galle on the south east coast of Sri Lanka, was built first in 1588 by the Portuguese, and then extensively fortified by the Dutch during the 17th century from 1649 onwards. The Fort, like most of the forts in Sri Lanka, is built on a small peninsula, belonging to the sea as much as to the land.  It was here that the Dutch more than three centuries ago built their famous ninety-acre fort which still retains its old world charm with its high ramparts and ornate towers.







The perfectly preserved Dutch Fort is one of Sri Lanka’s most iconic images and is the only inhabited Fort in Sri Lanka.  The stone walls, narrow lanes and impressive buildings are a constant reminded of Fort’s rich and varied history.


Galle Fort is one of the best preserved examples of 17th century colonial fortifications in the world.  The heritage value of the fort has been recognized by the UNESCO and the site has been inscribed as a cultural heritage as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a combination of historical and architectural significance.


The Fort has a colorful history, and today has a multi-ethnic and multi-religious population. Among the Fort’s main attractions are the ramparts and the lighthouse.  In addition there is the Dutch church, a museum and many historical buildings. The Fort is really a walled city, with a rectangular pattern of streets full of the low houses with gables and verandas in the Dutch colonial style. It is no longer allowed to alter any of these houses, some renovation is taking place, and private museums with handicraft shops have even been established.


Walking around the myriad of streets today is a real treat. The fort ramparts are tall, massive and well preserved. The north side of the Fort is the newly renovated Galle Cricket ground.  The evenings here are beautiful, especially if you were to sit on the old Dutch ramparts and watch the sunsets.  The Fort is also home to many excellent cafes, hotels, shops and restaurants


The Galle Fort withstood the Boxing Day tsunami which damaged part of coastal area Galle town. The Galle Fort also houses the elite Amangalla resort hotel.

84 Light House Street, Fort, Galle, Sri Lanka